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The Original Candy Kitchen, a.k.a. “Nick's,” Candy Kitchen, Williamson Candy Kitchen, and The Kitchen, has been an institution in the town of Williamson, New York since its origin in 1890. It has been in the Boosalis family for four generations and is currently owned and operated by Mary and Peter Anagnostopoulos.

Originally an ice cream parlor, the business has slowly evolved over the years into a family restaurant/candy store. It offers traditional food with some Greek, Italian, and Dutch specialties. Williamson is a predominantly Dutch community, and selections like Dutch Lettuce and a traditional candy known as Sugar Speck, or Sucre Spek, can be found at the O.C.K. Sugar Speck is a hard candy made from brown sugar and cider vinegar. Hand pulled candy canes and ribbon candy, available in many interesting flavors, are a traditional favorite at Christmas. Peanut brittle is another fall and winter candy that can be purchased from October through March. Chocolate has become the main ingredient at the O.C.K. where customers can choose from assorted candies to fill a customized box with creams, truffles, clusters, caramels, and other varieties for a personalized box of favorites. Molded chocolates made from a variety of over one-thousand molds dating from the 1800's can also be purchased year round . Unique candy creations are available during the Christmas, Valentine's, and Easter seasons. The O.C.K. is one of the final remaining authentic candy kitchens in the upstate New York region and boasts a nostalgic 1950's era ambiance complete with a soda fountain, chrome-rimmed stools, and wooden booths.